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5 Tips To An Affordable Kitchen Remodel

What will it cost to remodel your kitchen? Perhaps less than you think. We’ve watched the endless home remodel shows, the kitchen makeovers, the chefs in their fancy “home” kitchens, and we’re totally inspired. But they convey a message that one must be ready to fork over a Brink’s truck full of black truffles to

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New Marsh Furniture Cabinetry Brochures Now Available

We just finished producing our new Marsh Furniture brochure and frankly, we can’t help but brag just a tiny bit. Did you know Marsh Furniture cabinetry is hand-crafted, right here in North Carolina, in the same plant where we began over 100 years ago? We’ve learned a few things about quality and value in that

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Marsh Cabinets Featured in Traditional Home Magazine

The Junior League of High Point, NC (and our home town) partnered with Traditional Home magazine to create a stunning renovation of an impressive 1912 Tudor style home with a rich family history. Marsh Furniture was pleased to support the effort by providing the cabinetry for the large kitchen makeover. The revival of the Titanic-Era

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Dealer

Why Work With a Dealer? Designing a kitchen or bathroom is very technical process requiring the expertise of a kitchen or bath designer possessing very specialized skills. Think of your designer as a “kitchen and bath architect” capable of bringing your project to life accurately, on time, and within budget. Beyond facilitating the design of

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Cost Factors

Remodeling your kitchen is a good investment. Updated kitchens provide pleasure for the homeowner and the home seller — commonly fetching back 80% or more of their expense at sale. But that’s no guarantee! Only smart planning, budgeting and prioritization can ensure a smooth installation and hearty return on investment. What Does a Kitchen Cost?

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Planning a Kitchen Purchase

How to Start Planning Your Kitchen Purchase Where to Begin? Planning a kitchen for a new home or a renovation may seem like a big task (and it is) but it’s not unmanageable. Before you even start comparing products for your kitchen or bath, take a step back and do a little legwork. Taking the

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How to Survive Your Kitchen Remodel

The designs have been picked out, the crew is on standby, the appliances have been ordered… all that’s left is to do the work and then you’ll have your dream kitchen! The only problem: They have to do the work before you can enjoy your dream kitchen. It may seem like forever and the interruption

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What’s New at Marsh Furniture?

An interview with Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, David Littlefield. When you walk through the offices and the plant at Marsh Furniture, there is an unmistakable energy above the hum and buzz of the factory. We asked David Littlefield, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to let us in on what is new

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High Point Showhouse Preview

Check out these stunning photos of the Junior League of High Point Designer Showhouse! The historic Terry property, a 1912-era Tudor Revival, was already beautiful. Together with a team of local designers and craftsmen, Marsh Furniture and Marsh Kitchens were able to help create a modern, livable home that preserved the house’s charm and character.

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New look, same values.

Welcome Marshfurniture.com visitor, My name is Mollie Marsh Brugh. I’m the CEO of Marsh Furniture and a granddaughter of the founder of our company, Julius Everett Marsh. I’d like to be the first person to welcome you to our new website—we’re glad you’re here! Since its founding in 1906, Marsh has had a legacy of

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