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A Look At Millennial Kitchens

Form Follows Function

Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design, recently released research that offers some interesting insights into current trends in kitchen remodeling. The research suggests that Millennials take a Bauhaus approach to their cooking areas—that is, “form follows function.” More than one-third of all homebuyers these days are 35 and younger, according to a study last month by the National Associations of Realtors. Millennials are buying and remodeling, or building homes and creating kitchens from the ground up.

Millennials tend to prefer pragmatism and minimalism; they favor the useful over the ornate. This means cleaner, more open kitchen spaces. Houzz notes that, insofar as major overhauls are concerned, half of those remodeling their kitchens plan to change the layout, and open the space to other rooms. Many renovators are leaning heavily toward recessed, under-cabinet lighting for their cooking spaces. Open spaces and strong light are very much in vogue at the moment.

Practicality Takes Priority

This brings significant attention to cabinets and hardware. In a cleaner, more open kitchen, cabinets matter. The Houzz research noted that the chief functional aspect of renovators was to make the kitchen “easy to store and find things in.” This was followed by “easy to work, play, and live in.” This reiterates the obvious: those renovating their kitchens actually plan to use them. Practicality becomes a priority over decorative, less-efficient spaces. This, combined with renovators’ top colors being white (for backsplashes), and grey (for walls), tells us that the formal kitchen and dining space is losing to the more comfortable, informal home kitchen.

Because Millennials arrived in adulthood around the time of the Great Recession, their priorities are closer to the functioning basics. That said, they’ve ushered in a fresh, minimalist style not seen since the early sixties, with clean lines and color pops that serve a purpose. So to revamp a kitchen in accordance with millennial trends, aim for an open, fresh, and function-centered kitchen.

If you’re looking for a great start to creating the clean, functional styles that Millennials look for, check out styles like the Apex or Summerfield 2 cabinet in Onyx or Greystone.

Published on: July 14, 2016

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