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Our philosophy. On wheels.

Walk through our factory in High Point, North Carolina, and you’ll come across scores of these iron-wheeled handcarts. Our cabinetmakers use them to move wood panels from area to area. They are the hardest working things you’ll ever see, and they never quit. We bought most of them in the 1930s.

The carts are an apt symbol of what we value here at Marsh Furniture. They are, above all, reliable. They do the job they were designed to do. They hold our product carefully, and they wear their age comfortably. We could buy new carts, but why?

So the carts stay. Meanwhile, a bunch of them can be seen parked next to our Holzma Profiline HPL 33, one of the most advanced laminating machines in the industry. You see, in our view, there’s no reason the best of the old can’t work side by side with the new. A better laminating technology came along and we added it to our toolbox.

Our relationships—and why they last.

As noted above, we have kept our carts because they keep working. It’s the same with our relationships. We stick with our dealers and our employees because they’ve done well for us and we’re loyal to the people who have helped us succeed.


 From left: Reid Marsh, Jim Marsh, Sr., Mollie Marsh-Brugh

When new ideas emerge—new processes and products that promise a better product—we embrace the best of them while taking care to allow the benefits to flow to our employees, our suppliers and our dealers as well.

Our families and our furniture.

The values we’re expressing here have been with us since 1906. That’s when Julius Everett Marsh founded the company, which to this day is owned by members of the Marsh family.

We believe our heritage as a family enterprise can’t help but find its way into our products. After all, the kitchen is where families traditionally gather. We never forget that our cabinets live where our customers’ families do. We’re proud to offer them attractive furniture that lasts.


Standing, from left to right: Barry Safrit – Chief Financial Officer; David Littlefield – Senior VP of Sales & Marketing; Mollie Marsh-Brugh – Chief Executive Officer; Bill Bumgarner – VP of Human Resources; Edwin Underwood – Chief Operating Officer

Our devotion to family extends to the families of our employees, our suppliers and our dealers. We could never enjoy a success that we kept to ourselves. By sharing it, we have helped other families thrive throughout our business network across the eastern United States.

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