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The Wheel Story

It’s early morning in High Point, North Carolina, and the first touch of sun beams through the windows of the Marsh factory. The light moves across clusters of workbenches, stacks of wood and machines big and small. As it spreads to the factory floor, the light lingers on a single handcart.

To most, this handcart is, well, just a handcart. A rolling platform. A bunch of boards with a handle and wheels.

To us, it’s a symbol of something bigger.

Every morning for 114 years, Marsh employees have come to work with one goal in mind: to become a meaningful part of people’s homes and lives by providing them with quality cabinetry.

And believe it or not, we could never achieve that goal without our handcarts. We bought most of them in the 1930s, and our cabinetmakers have used them every day since. Like us, the carts are reliable and resilient. They do the simple things right. They hold our product carefully, and wear their age comfortably.

Even the wheel of the handcart inspires us. So much so, we made it our badge.

You see, a wheel moves cyclically. Continuously. Its beginning and end are inextricably linked.

Our company’s journey works the same way. We’re committed to forward progress—building new relationships, refining processes and adapting to the industry in which we work—yet we constantly draw from the practices and philosophies that built the foundation of our business.

As we look forward, we look back, too.  

In other words, we’re timelessly innovative, never sacrificing the old for the new. We join them together, with all the skill and experience of a master woodworker.

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