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Brooks McLean: Thanks for 34 Years of Marsh Service!

It was the fall of 1982 when Brooks McLean was welcomed to the Marsh Furniture Company sales team. After 34 years of service with us, Brooks is ready to enjoy the spoils retirement has to offer, but we like to think he’ll miss us as much as we’ll miss him!


As we talk to Brooks about some of the things he’ll miss most about Marsh Furniture, one theme is central throughout the conversation: “The people,” he pauses, as though deep in thought. “Working for Marsh Furniture Company means being part of a family, really. And the sales guys—we’re like one big fraternity,” says Brooks. He lets out a chuckle, remembering the fun he’s shared and the memories he’s made alongside his Marsh Furniture family.


When he talks about what the past 34 years have meant to him, Brooks is quick to mention a goal many parents hope to achieve through years of hard work. “The ability to put my kids through college and do that while working at a place where the people are all eager to help you and guide you is more than I could’ve asked for,” says Brooks.


But why stay at the same company for so long? For Brooks, it was a choice motivated by the employee family he’s been a part of for almost three and a half decades. “I don’t get up in the mornings just to make a paycheck—I can do that anywhere. It’s the people I work with every day who show up to support their own families that make me want to go to work.” With the Marsh employee family on his mind, he adds, “there was never a day I didn’t look forward to coming into work. Never.”


Embodying its commitment to building lasting relationships, Marsh Furniture had much to say about Brooks, a valued teammate and friend. David Littlefield, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing sums up the feelings of many at the company when he says, “Brooks is a hardworking and dedicated industry professional, but he is also a caring person and a master storyteller—the type of person you just like to be around–and we’ll certainly miss having him on the team.” Despite leaving the team, Brooks will always be an integral part of the Marsh employee family.



Though he won’t be selling Marsh cabinets anymore, Brooks plans on staying very busy in his retirement. He’s looking forward to spending his time traveling and fishing, but Brooks is also ready to take on the task of learning the ins and outs of yard work. “The shovels at the hardware store salute me every time I go there now because of all the equipment I had to buy,” he confesses, revealing the signature Brooks McLean sense of humor.


We stand with the shovels in salute to you, Brooks, for 34 great years! Marsh Furniture Company thanks you for your dedication and looks forward to your continued friendship outside of the workplace!

Published on: September 6, 2016

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