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Cabinet Trends in 2017 PLUS New Marsh Products!

Cabinet trends drive product development at Marsh Furniture. As we create new door styles, finishes, and accessories, we research trends in order to bring you the latest and greatest in cabinetry.

When we introduce new products, we don’t just look at big trends for the next year. We create our products with the understanding that cabinets released today should still be stylish in five years. It was with this in mind that Hampton and Sedgefield came to be.

Shaker in 2017 and Beyond

Hampton and Sedgefield are our two newest door styles, and we couldn’t be more excited about them! As part of our latest product release, Hampton and Sedgefield are a direct response to homeowners’ favorite

Shaker doors have dominated cabinet trends for several years now, and that won’t change anytime soon. While Houzz experts say flat-panel doors, such as Apex, will enjoy a surge in popularity, they also note that Shaker will stay at the top of the market.

This is good news for Hampton and Sedgefield, which anticipate the evolution of the Shaker door style. With their strong, bold lines blending with minimal embellishments, these doors represent the next step in Shaker style!

Cabinet Colors and Personalization

Brightly-colored cabinetry has enjoyed the spotlight for a few years, and there’s no denying that it’s a lot of fun! Experts agree, however, that this fad is only temporary. As fun as these cabinets can be, white, gray, and other neutrals are still the most popular choices in cabinetry. Houzz designers say that colorful cabinetry in 2017 will focus on black, navy, and cream colors, demonstrating a shift from the bright colors we’ve seen in recent years.

Though neutrals may seem less exciting than reds and bright blues, they offer more room for personalization through accents, appliances, and decorations. We wrote a blog on that here.

Marsh Cabinets offer a wide range of finishes that fit current trends including Onyx and Canvas. For a dramatic effect that still leaves room for bright accents, consider pairing an Onyx island with a Canvas perimeter.

New Appliance Cabinets

One of the trends we’ve seen at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show each year is the rapid innovation of appliances. With appliances varying in shape and size, we’ve introduced a number of new appliance cabinets that address these variations in arrangement in order to facilitate cohesive design.

Check out these and more updates in our latest product brochures!

Published on: March 22, 2017

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