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Inside Scoop: July Product Release

Last month, Marsh Furniture Company released its mid-year product introduction. This release came just months after the cabinet manufacturer experienced one of its largest product launches in the Company’s 110-year history! To get the scoop on the latest Marsh products, we sat down for a Q & A session with Maurice Deaver, Marsh’s Product Development Manager, and Ken Marsh, the company’s Sales Director. Here’s what they had to say:

Marsh released its largest product launch in recent history this past spring. How does this smaller release complement that?

Nantucket 1- transitional door style in Storm

KEN: That’s a great question. First, we added a new finish color, Storm, as the right color is at the core of good design. In fact, it may be the single most important factor, and we believe Storm does a great job of addressing current color trends. Next, we focused on adding new decorative accents that really serve to complement existing door styles, particularly more transitional designs. When combined with the more than 400 unique cabinetry SKUs introduced in the earlier release, this latest launch has meaningfully expanded the “design-ability” expert designers will find when working with Marsh products. We’re very enthusiastic about how well these releases will work together.


Marsh Furniture’s last two product introductions included the addition of Saddle and Storm, a beautiful stain and a trend forward paint! What does the process for developing a new paint or stain look like?

MAURICE: New paint and stain ideas really come from many different sources, which are informed by global trends. It takes a collaboration between those sources and the Marsh team to settle on a final color value.

An example of one source includes our annual kitchen and bath industry trade show where we see key products relating to kitchen and bath such as cabinetry, flooring, appliances, and accessory items. Three areas we focus on are color trends, cabinetry design trends, and functionality, meaning what is behind the cabinet door. Most importantly, we listen to our dealer partners while we are visiting with them in their places of business or when they come to see us in High Point. Today, it is critical for cabinetry to look beautiful while still being highly functional for the user.

Finally, we work very closely with our finishing supplier, who happens to be located very close to us in High Point, to complete our research and settle on a direction. This is a very hands-on, collaborative process involving teams from product development, sales, marketing, product, and manufacturing. It is a pretty incredible process and we always seek to deliver a product that fits within the scope of our core
offering. We believe we have done that with both of these colors.


So how did you guys settle on Saddle and Storm?

MAURICE: We saw that we needed a stain with a deep brown value, so we made

Jefferson 2- transitional door style in Saddle

this our mission from day one with Saddle. We were seeing great success in our Graphite color and wanted to pursue a new color at the opposite end of the spectrum from gray.  We discussed this with our finishing supplier and, during one of our reviews, they brought us something very similar to our Saddle saying ‘this is a really trendy color that we’re seeing in the market.’ When we laid it out across all of our existing colors and paints, we saw that it complemented our line very well.  So Saddle was one of those pleasant surprises.

Storm, in a lot of ways, came from our experience at our industry show, coupled with customer feedback. Armed with color marketing knowledge and customer input, we collaborated with our finishing supplier to confirm our direction through color trend analysis. At the end of this exciting process, we arrived at Storm.


What’s up next for Marsh Furniture?

KEN: We can’t tell you precisely as each release is a work in process. But here are a few hints:

I would anticipate that we’ll continue working to introduce decorative accessories that allow for a certain level of complexity and design-ability. Also on our radar is perfecting our engineering and availability of tall cabinet offerings, specifically around the latest appliances. One thing we’ve learned is that the appliance folk don’t consult the cabinet folk when introducing these cool electronic gadgets, which the cabinet industry then has to retrofit. That being said, we’re always going to have a need to re-engineer cabinets that are surrounded by appliances.

Decorative Accessories

Click the image to view the latest Marsh product brochure!

Published on: August 31, 2016

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