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Marsh Furniture’s New Year’s Resolution

It’s the season of gym memberships, growing savings accounts, and nutritious meals. That’s right, we’re talking about new year’s resolutions.

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At Marsh, we’re always thinking of new ways to improve, and 2017 is the year we jump on the resolution bandwagon in hopes of doing just that. One of the most common goals each new year is to spend more time with family and friends, which comes as no surprise when we consider the statistics on how the average American currently spends their time. Here are some fast facts with source links:


While we are in the habit of saying we simply don’t have time to sit down for a home-cooked meal with family, we’ve (reluctantly) accepted that we have likely been wasting the little extra time we do have by refreshing our Facebook feed.

When we think back to our favorite childhood memories, many of these revolve around time spent with family. In order to create more of the memories that marked our childhoods, we’re going to come up with fun ways to make time for our loved ones and, in the process, make the most of our Marsh kitchens. As the heart of every home, the kitchen seems like the ideal place to spend time with our closest relatives and friends.

In a world where we never seem to have enough time, our goal is to be more intentional about making time for things that matter. Be on the lookout for simple recipes the whole family can help with, and share your own stories about family time in the kitchen! If you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook for these and other updates!

Published on: January 24, 2017

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