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It’s National Bake for Family Fun Month!

February is National Bake for Family Fun Month! Marsh Furniture Company is taking advantage of this as we continue working on our resolution to make more time for family in the New Year.

Since we hope you’ve made this part of your own resolution, we’re going to make this easy for you! Throughout this post, you’ll find fun facts on the benefits of baking as well as recipes the whole family can help out with.

At Marsh Furniture Company, we love family, and we love kitchens. The kitchen is, after all, the heart of the home. Lately, however, we’ve been treating our kitchens like a workplace—we rush to cook dinner, we rush to eat dinner, and we quickly leave our kitchen to move on to the next task. Getting children involved in baking and cooking is a fun way to slow down the pace and make time for family.

Despite being messier and more time consuming, letting kids help out in the kitchen has a number of benefits that outweigh the extra time spent cleaning. Baking involves careful measuring, chemical reactions between ingredients, and even language skills that develop through reading or listening to a recipe! In addition, actions as simple as cracking an egg into a bowl can have a surprising impact on a child’s coordination and physical development.

By the time they’ve finished baking, children have learned the importance of keeping their station organized, thinking ahead, and closely following instructions. Moreover, children enjoy feeling helpful and may even experience a boost in self-esteem when you request their measuring expertise!

If you’re ready to celebrate Bake for Family Fun Month with us, check out this link for age-appropriate recipes featured in Ann McCallum’s Eat Your Homework. McCallum, an author and elementary school teacher, guarantees your kids will appreciate baking their way to sharper math skills more than a worksheet full of fractions!

Published on: February 7, 2017

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