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New Marsh Furniture Cabinetry Brochures Now Available

We just finished producing our new Marsh Furniture brochure and frankly, we can’t help but brag just a tiny bit. Did you know Marsh Furniture cabinetry is hand-crafted, right here in North Carolina, in the same plant where we began over 100 years ago? We’ve learned a few things about quality and value in that time. Our new brochure includes inspiring kitchen design ideas, plus a full complement of door styles and available drawer options.

If you are thinking about new cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom, we believe you’ll find this to be a helpful reference that you can download for your idea file. When you’re ready to talk to a Marsh Furniture dealer, bring it with you to share your favorite designs and colors. It will help them understand the styles that are best for you, and they will also provide the technical expertise to make your project functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. Download your copy of our new product brochure here.

Published on: October 28, 2015

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