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New Products Are Here!

Our Product Development team has been hard at work, adding to the flexibility of the Marsh Cabinets product line. Today, we’re introducing some of our favorite items from this year’s fall release—read about these products, and the possibilities they bring to your kitchen or bath design, below!

39” Cabinets

Marsh 39” cabinets are making their debut as a significant and remodel-friendly addition to the Marsh Cabinets product line. As one of the top requests among Marsh designers, the 39” collection is an addition we’re particularly looking forward to. These cabinets have the potential to bring maximized storage and a more streamlined look to homes with a ceiling height of eight feet by eliminating unused space and the need for additional crown molding. Ultimately, these cabinets will help your Marsh designer achieve a simpler, cleaner look in your space.

Complementing our 39” cabinets is our broom & linen closet. This functional cabinet is the storage solution every modern kitchen needs, and its versatility can’t be overstated. With this cabinet, we’re offering a number of shelving options that further enhance the storage opportunities available. By adding full and half shelves, the broom & linen closet can be used to create a pantry-like space tailored to your personal storage needs.

Functional Accessories

Storage is even easier with our latest accessories! Additions like our new hamper cabinet, tray dividers, and pegboards make organizing the home a breeze. Organizational accessories such as these have been trending more and more lately, and with good reason. By organizing plates, bowls, and cups for you, Marsh Cabinets pegboards eliminate a chore and maximize drawer space. See them in action below.










A New Way to Display

This launch also brings our Marsh Cabinets Open Wall Cabinets, which take cabinetry from functional storage to beautiful displays. Open shelving is a popular option for adding interest to contemporary kitchens, and we’re excited to introduce these products—with their sturdy, ¾-inch shelves—to the mix. Perfect for storing your favorite knick-knacks, formal dinnerware, and even small appliances, our open wall cabinets can be used for a decorative twist on cabinetry. We offer these in a number of configurations and in the signature Marsh finish of your choice.

Don’t forget about our floating shelves! Introduced in the summer of 2016, Marsh floating shelves are themselves part of a kitchen’s décor. Floating shelves with glass jars containing your favorite cooking ingredients, for example, not only simplifies cooking but also creates a striking contrast among traditional cabinets. For kitchens with storage to spare, adding a picture frame—as shown below—is never a bad idea!












Make your floating shelf display more prominent with under cabinet lighting!











To see all of the latest Marsh Cabinets products, contact an authorized Marsh dealer near you.

Published on: November 2, 2017

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