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Planning a Kitchen Purchase

How to Start Planning Your Kitchen Purchase

Where to Begin?

Planning a kitchen for a new home or a renovation may seem like a big task (and it is) but it’s not unmanageable. Before you even start comparing products for your kitchen or bath, take a step back and do a little legwork. Taking the time to evaluate yourself, your family, your tastes and how you’ll use your kitchen or bath will make the whole process so much easier — for you and your dealer.

#1. Evaluate your Lifestyle

Think about how your family uses your kitchen. Do you often find an entire soccer team raiding your fridge for Sunny D? Do you love having fancy dinner parties? Or will your counter support more pizza boxes than cheese platters?

“Form follows function.” A kitchen built around your lifestyle will be more enjoyable than a beautiful kitchen that looks impressive but lacks function.

#2. Look to your Existing Kitchen

Make a list of everything about your current kitchen that bugs you.

Now make another list of everything you like about it.

We can get so caught up in the things we’d change, we often don’t think about the things that make us happy already. Plus, if along the way you realize some features can stay (perhaps with a fresh coat of paint), all the better.

#3. Know your Budget

Know your budget before you let yourself daydream about those glass doors or double oven.

Whether your checkbook will allow a small renovation, a complete overhaul, or even if you need a bit more time to plan — that’s OK! Knowing where you stand from the beginning will keep you focused and prevent heartbreak down the road.

#4. Think about your Future

If you think you may move in the next several years (or if you’re not sure), it may be best to pick options that’ll keep the most value at resale. But if you plan to stay, feel free to make your project all about you and build features into the project that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

#5. Start your Wish List

Separate your wants, your must-haves and your it’d-be-nice-to-haves. Make sure to include any absolute needs like handicap allowances.

Think about each area in your kitchen separately, and consider each activity that happens in your kitchen. Does the whole family come over for the holidays? Do you have regular poker nights? Do you bake or can? These lists are invaluable to a designer, and will help you determine your priorities.

#6. Build your Idea Book

Keep every scrap that inspires you and save it in a folder, notebook, or USB key. Grab your favorite glossy magazines, or hit up sites like Pinterest and Houzz for ideas. (And by the way, don’t forget to set up your Wishlist on our site!) Pictures, articles, colors, styles — keep everything that you love!

This is not the time to edit or refine your style. For now, just seek out and savor what inspires you.

Now you’re ready to talk to a designer!  You can find one at a Marsh Furniture dealer near you.

Published on: August 21, 2015

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