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What’s New at Marsh Furniture?

An interview with Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, David Littlefield.

When you walk through the offices and the plant at Marsh Furniture, there is an unmistakable energy above the hum and buzz of the factory. We asked David Littlefield, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to let us in on what is new in the line and what dealers and consumers can expect to see from Marsh in the coming months.

Interviewer (I): David, we see a lot of new colors and stain samples here from the product development team. What’s going on?

David Littlefield (D): “Color trends are so important to keep up with the most current design styles. We are constantly evaluating the marketplace to spot developments that will translate to trend preferences for kitchen and bath cabinetry. For instance, we continue to find that consumers are seeking to mix neutral paints with mid-tone and dark stains. So in June we introduced a new paint color named Canvas. Canvas was developed in response to the demand for painted products in soft, neutral colors. It is a natural complement to the existing color values in our line today. For our dealers, it is a natural step in the evolution of our existing painted palette.”

I: What other colors are trending now?

D: “We also introduced Slate Glaze to our glazed offering earlier this year, as we’ve seen grey color values continue to gain momentum in cabinetry. Slate Glaze is available on most stains and paints, and it complements our Graphite stain and Greystone paint exceptionally well. It also translates nicely to other neutral colors in the Marsh line such as Alpine, Linen, and our new Canvas color.”

Above: the new Canvas color includes 5 glaze options. From left to right: Chocolate, Caramel, Alabaster, Slate, and Mocha 2

I: David, what else is new in the line?

D: “First, we have taken great strides to expand the offering of our Standard Overlay door style offerings. Additionally, we’ve streamlined the naming conventions of like door styles across all wood species in Standard Overlay for consistency with our Full Overlay platform. Designers will find it much easier to specify across the product continuum with simplified architecture. This is a win for everyone, because dealers and designers can now tailor more species and color combinations to match their customer’s aesthetic tastes and their budget needs. Increased choices also equates to a more natural pricing transition to our upgraded Full Overlay products.”

Atlanta I in cherry wood with Graphite finish and Slate glaze.

Atlanta I in cherry wood with Graphite finish and Slate glaze.

I: So, new colors, an expanded Oak offering, and streamlined naming conventions that make it easier to work with the line. That’s a lot!

D: “It certainly is! Our team has been very focused on taking our product offering and program to the next level to enhance the experience of both dealers and homeowners. We’ve worked hard to introduce close to 100 new cabinet SKU’s, expanded mullion doors to nearly all styles in the Marsh line, added premium drawer and hinge systems to all Full Overlay door styles as standard features, launched a brand new website, and upgraded our printed pricing and specification materials for dealers.”

I: What do you see in the future?

D: “We will continue to focus on adding products in future releases aimed at enhancing the overall value proposition in ways that are a solid fit in the segments of the market we serve. Whether it’s SKU additions, finishes, or door styles, we are committed to delivering an increasingly well rounded version of Marsh Cabinets to help our dealers compete at the highest level.”

Published on: July 7, 2015

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